Imagine Safe Supply: Aligning Safe Supply with Community Values of People Who Use Drugs

Imagine Safe Supply is a multi-provincial qualitative research project seeking to explore the attitudes and perceptions people have about safer supply. The project spoke to both people who identify as substance users and people who were primarily involved in frontline service provision to drug users. The Imagine Safer Supply Research Team from the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC)  joined us to tell us more about the project and some of the emerging findings.

A question and answer period followed the presentation.

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Our Speakers

  • Frank Crichlow, Board President, Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs
  • Jack Farrell, PhD Student, SFU School of Criminology
  • Erin Howley, Senior Research Associate, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
  • Sean O’Callaghan, Graduate Research Fellow, SFU Community-Engaged Research Initiative
  • Phoenix Beck McGreevy, Research Associate, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition