London InterCommunity Health Centre 2023 Evaluation Report Launch

Hot Topic Webinar |

Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 12pm ET for the official launch of the new evaluation report on the London InterCommunity Health Centre's (LIHC) Safer Opioid Supply Program. This hot topic webinar will cover the findings of the new LIHC evaluation report. The goal of the evaluation was to examine and compare self-reported client outcomes from 2022 and 2023. In both years, clients identified reduced use of drugs from unregulated market, reductions in overdose and increased access to health services since starting safer supply. This report also examines which medications (both opioid and stimulant) that participants would like to be prescribed and their preferred mode of administration for SOS medications.

A Q & A session with the speakers will follow the presentation. This is a public event and all are welcome to attend.

Our Speakers

Dr. Gillian Kolla PhD is a public health researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, University of Victoria. She uses community-based research to explore how to make harm reduction, health and social services more accessible to people who use drugs. She is currently conducting comparative research on the implementation and scale-up of prescribed safer supply programs in BC and Ontario.

Dr. Andrea Sereda MD is the lead and founding physician for the Safer Opioid Supply (SOS) Program at LIHC, providing pharmaceutical grade opioids to people dependent on the unregulated street supply. As a physician, she cares for people who use drugs, people deprived of housing, and people marginalized from traditional healthcare. She is an avid harm reductionist, practising solidarity with all marginalized peoples, with the goal of eliminating power structures in medicine that perpetuate poor health and oppression.

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