Accessibility Policy

The National Safer Supply Community of Practice welcomes people living with disabilities. We will continue to do our best to respect people’s dignity and independence.  

The most recent version of this policy will always be posted on our website.


We will communicate with people living with disabilities in ways that take into account their needs and preferences. This includes the use of personal assistive devices that people might use for hearing, seeing, communicating, remembering, and/or reading.

If you need alternate forms of our materials, let us know. We will work with you to meet your needs.   

Service Animals and Support Persons

We welcome service animals and support persons. At no time will a person living with a disability/disabilities who is accompanied by a service animal or support person be prevented from having access to their service animal or support person during our events.

Service animals or support persons will NOT be charged for events that require an admission fee.

Where confidential information might be discussed in the presence of a support person, we will ask the person living with a disability for their consent before the discussion begins.


Comments on our services are welcome and appreciated. Feedback about how we provide materials, information and services to people living with disabilities can be made by emailing info [at] (subject: Accessibility%20Policy%20feedback) (info[at]nss-aps[dot]ca) or by contacting us through our Contact form.  

We will acknowledge your feedback and let you know what we have done to address it within five business days.


Questions about this policy can be emailed to info [at] (subject: Accessibility%20Policy%20question) (info[at]nss-aps[dot]ca) or submitted through our website Contact form.