Past Hot Topic Webinars

Coming Together: Celebrating the Magic of Community, Knowledge Exchange, and Solidarity Building

  NSS-CoP, 2024-03-21


Urine Drug Screening Workshop

  NSS-CoP, 2024-03-07

Presenter: Claire Snelgrove


The Ethics of Prescribed Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP, 2024-02-29

Speakers: Dr. Alice Virani and Dr. Daniel Buchman

Moderator: Dr. Adrian Guta


The Ban on Safe Supply: An Alberta Case Study

  NSS-CoP, 2024-02-01

Speakers: Kate Colizza and Patty Wilson


Skin & Wound Care for People Who Use Drugs (for clinicians)

  NSS-CoP, 2023-11-14

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Pat Coutts


Skin and Wound Care for People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2023-10-19

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Pat Coutts, Heather Mackay-Lams


Safer Supply and Tools for Policy Change

  NSS-CoP, 2023-06-28

Speakers: Garth Mullins (moderator), Andrzej Celinski, Elaine Hyshka, Matt Johnson, Leslie McBain, Ben Perrin


Safer Supply: Current Perspectives and Evidence

  CATIE & NSS-CoP, 2023-05-17

Speakers: Angela Robertson, Ashley Smoke, Corey Ranger, Gillian Kolla, Marie-Ève Goyer, Christopher Hoy (moderator)


Prescribed Fentanyl Safe Supply: Team Perspectives

  NSS-CoP, 2023-01-24

Speakers: Laura Cartwright, Ahmad Ghahary, Kelsey Roden, Tim Gauthier, Corey Ranger (facilitator)


Mobile Safer Supply Programs - Meeting People Where They Are At

  NSS-CoP, 2022-11-24

Speakers : Praneetha Mahindan, Hannah Levitt, Dalena Dang, Madison Joyce, Jolene Eeuwes, Naiema Alam, April Aleman, Tanisha Palmer, Adrianna LeBlanc, Nicole Lajoie, Melanie Mociak, Brandi Tapp, Len Hughes
Moderator : Chris Sciascetti


Building Capacity Among Prescribed Safe(r) Supply Providers

  NSS-CoP, 2022-10-27

Speakers: Corey Ranger, Laura Cartwright


Safer Supply in Québec

  NSS-CoP, 2022-09-29

Moderator: Alexandra Holtom
Speakers: Dr. Marie-Ève Goyer, Marie-Christine Grégoire, Jérôme Benedetti, Isabelle Fortier, Simon Vermette, Vincent de Maisonneuve


Harm Reduction, Safer Supply & Experiences of Pre- and Peri-Natal Care

  NSS-CoP, 2022-08-25

Moderator: Keri Guelke
Speakers: Julene Rawson, Jenna Bly, Hawkfeather Peterson


Integrating Hepatitis C Care with Safer Supply Practice

  CATIE, 2022-07-28

Speakers: Chris Hoy, Rivka Kushner, Tim O'Shea, Patty Wilson, Angie Austin and Jessica Nanni


Urine Drug Screenings: Science and Implications on the Lives of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2022-06-30

Moderator: Phoenix Beck McGreevy
Presenter: Claire S
Speakers: Ashley Smoke, Nat Kaminski, Keri Guelke, Hawkfeather Peterson


The Need for Safer Supply and Decriminalization: Evidence from Current Research and Practice

  NSS-CoP, 2022-05-26

Speaker: Nancy Henderson


Pharmacist Roundtable on Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP, 2022-04-28

Moderator: Kelly Sequeira
Speakers: Mark Barnes, Jodi Cunningham, Al Ladak, Danny Lui, Laura Miller, & Lynn Pollock


Wound Care Workshop for Non-Clinicians

  NSS-CoP, 2022-04-04

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Sunny Sultan


Problems with Medicalized Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP and CAPUD, 2022-03-15

Moderator: Matthew Bonn
Speakers: Jeremy Kalicum, Eris Nyx


Perspectives on Decriminalization

  NSS-CoP, 2022-02-24

Speakers: Dr. Christy Sutherland, Leslie McBain, Wendy Stevens


Wound Care Workshop for Clinicians

  NSS-CoP, 2022-01-31

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Patricia Coutts


London InterCommunity Health Centre's SOS Program Evaluation Report

  LIHC, 2022-01-20

Speakers: Greg Nash, Dr. Gillian Kolla, Dr. Andrea Sereda, Rebecca Penn


Prescriber Panel - Tensions in Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP, 2021-12-16

Moderator: Liam Michaud
Speakers: Tracey Day, Emmet O’Reilly, Andrea Sereda, Mish Waraksa


Expert Panel of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2021-11-25

Moderator: Franky
Panellists: Angie, Ashley, Liam, millie, Phoenix, Steve, Thomas


Emotional Harm Reduction

  NSS-CoP, 2021-11-08

Speaker: Corey Ranger


Safer Supply 101

  NSS-CoP, 2021-10-14

Speaker: Corey Ranger


Uprooting Medical Violence

  NSS-CoP, 2021-10-07

Speaker: Dr. Nanky Rai


Supporting Worker Wellness: Grief, Loss & Burnout in the Overdose Crisis

  NSS-CoP, 2021-08-26

Speakers: Juno Zavitz, Nicola Bangham


Research and Evaluation Studies

  NSS-CoP, 2021-04-29

Speakers: Marion Selfridge, Ash Heaslip, Dale McMurchy, Tara Gomes