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Prescriber Consultation Service

  • Are you a doctor or nurse practitioner who works with people who use drugs?
  • Want to learn more about safer supply and how you can best support the people you work with?
  • Want access to an exclusive prescriber consultation service?

Help us scale up safer supply programs across Canada! Register for the consultation service and you'll have email access to our physician consultant and our pharmacist consultant. You do not need to be an NSS-CoP member to access this service, but you do need to be a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Monthly Clinician Meeting

We hold monthly Zoom meetings where clinicians can ask questions, make connections, and discuss topics of interest.

Join our community of practice, then email us for details.

Email Discussion List for Health Care Providers

We have an email discussion list open only to health care providers interested in safer supply. You do not need to be an NSS-CoP member to join this list, but you do need to be a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Register here.

Publications, Guides and Protocols

BCCSU Prescribed Safer Supply Protocols

  BCCSU, 2022 & 2023

Protocols, clinical summaries, and patient information for fentanyl patches, fentanyl tablets, and sufentanil.



Safer Supply for Health Care Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

  NSS-CoP, 2022

View (également disponible en français)

Download (PDF)


Reframing Diversion for Health Care Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

  NSS-CoP, 2022

View (également disponible en français)

Download (PDF)


Safer Opioid Supply Program Protocols: Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario

  Marysia Maraksa NP, Nicole Bond, Gab Laurence, & Kate Atkinson, 2022

Download (PDF)


Victoria SAFER Initiative Safe Supply Protocols

  AVI Health and Community Services, 2022

Download (PDF)


Guiding Document: Safer Opioid Supply Programs (SOS)

  A harm reduction informed guiding document for primary care teams. Hales et al., 2020



Safe Supply: Concept Document

  CAPUD, 2019

Download (PDF) (également disponible en français)


Past Hot Topic Webinars

Integrating Hepatitis C Care with Safer Supply Practice

  CATIE, 2022-07-28

Speakers: Chris Hoy, Rivka Kushner, Tim O'Shea, Patty Wilson, Angie Austin and Jessica Nanni


Urine Drug Screenings: Science and Implications on the Lives of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2022-06-30

Moderator: Phoenix Beck McGreevy
Presenter: Claire S
Speakers: Ashley Smoke, Nat Kaminski, Keri Guelke, Hawkfeather Peterson


Pharmacist Roundtable on Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP, 2022-04-28

Moderator: Kelly Sequeira
Speakers: Mark Barnes, Jodi Cunningham, Al Ladak, Danny Lui, Laura Miller,  Lynn Pollock


Wound Care Workshop for Clinicians

  NSS-CoP, 2022-01-31

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Patricia Coutts


Prescriber Panel - Tensions in Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP, 2021-12-16

Moderator: Liam Michaud
Speakers: Tracey Day, Emmet O’Reilly, Andrea Sereda, Mish Waraksa


Emotional Harm Reduction

  NSS-CoP, 2021-11-08

Speaker: Corey Ranger


Safer Supply 101

  NSS-CoP, 2021-10-14

Speaker: Corey Ranger


Uprooting Medical Violence

  NSS-CoP, 2021-10-07

Speaker: Dr. Nanky Rai


In Our Resource Library

Skin & Wound Care for People Who Use Drugs

  Erin Telegdi & Pat Coutts, 2023

Download (PDF)


Substance Use Related Language & Stigma

  Katie Upham, 2023

Download (PDF)