Connected Communities - Building Equitable Integrated Healthcare

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As Ontario continues to transform its health system, health equity and community health and wellbeing must be front of mind. With health systems in crisis in Canada and around the world, governments and policymakers are urgently searching for solutions and sustainable models that can meet the needs of their populations while promoting equitable health and wellbeing. Continuing to constantly work in crisis and emergency mode simply isn’t an option. The question is: How do we build an integrated care system that can help prevent illness and avoid crises, reduce strain on the health system, while building up programs, organizations and networks that support people to be well, stay well, and live well in their communities?

This conference will be an opportunity to imagine and learn about what an integrated health system built around health equity and community can look like, and the steps needed to get there in the context of Ontario Health Teams. We cordially invite you to join us in person for Connected Communities: Building Equitable Integrated Healthcare. This Primary Health Care Conference will focus on ways to centre community voices and needs, and how to build foundations on comprehensive primary health care, health promotion, chronic disease prevention and management, and actively addressing the determinants of health (housing, income, food security, etc.). Health disparities in resources and access to care disproportionately affect marginalized people and communities, especially Black and racialized populations; Indigenous people; Francophone communities; people who identify as 2SLGBTQ+; people living on low incomes; and people living in rural, remote and Northern communities, among others. By designing an integrated health system that is centered in community and the needs of marginalized populations, we will create a health system that better serves everyone living in Ontario.

At the Connected Communities conference, we will focus on community-led innovation and solutions tapping into new research results and evidence-informed practices that are demonstrating how integrated care systems that focus on health equity and community are improving population health outcomes.

Join us June 7&8, and let’s seize this opportunity together to connect with a diverse array of stakeholders to share learnings on how to build Ontario Health Teams that are equitable and centered around community.

NSS-CoP's session, The Ontario Model of Prescribed Safer Supply, is on June 8.

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