Webinar 4 - What happens next?

Maamwi Gka-Wiiji-Nokiimdimi Webinar Series |


Join us for a groundbreaking webinar series that delves into crucial mental health and addiction issues within Anishinabek Nation communities in Ontario. This series offers a unique perspective, centering on Indigenous perspectives and approaches towards addressing these challenges.

Themes Covered

  1. Mental Health & Addiction: Exploring the intersectionality of mental health and addiction within Indigenous communities, highlighting culturally sensitive approaches to healing and support.
  2. Harm Reduction & Safer Supply: Understanding the principles of harm reduction and advocating for safer supply initiatives tailored to the specific needs of First Nations individuals.
  3. Lived Experience & Storytelling: Elevating the voices and experiences of community members who have battled mental health issues, addiction, or have supported loved ones through these challenges.
  4. Opioid Crisis & Indigenous Communities: Unpacking the impact of the opioid crisis on Indigenous populations and discussing strategies for prevention, intervention, and support.

Key Objectives

  • Reducing Stigma: Offering education and understanding to combat stigma surrounding mental health, addiction, and related issues in First Nations communities.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Highlighting culturally appropriate methods for addressing these challenges, respecting and integrating Indigenous perspectives and practices.
  • Community Empowerment: Equipping community members with knowledge and resources to support individuals struggling with mental health and addiction.

Who Should Attend

This series is designed for community leaders, healthcare professionals, educators, and anyone interested in promoting mental wellness and combating addiction in Indigenous communities.

Why Attend

Gain invaluable insights, learn from experts and lived experiences, and contribute to the collective effort of fostering healthier, more supportive environments within Anishinabek Nation communities.

Join us on this journey towards understanding, support, and healing, as we work together to address mental health and addiction through an Indigenous lens in Ontario

Webinar series will begin January 10, 2024 and run bi-weekly until February 21, 2024.

January 10: Indigenous Harm Reduction

January 24: Why, When and for who are drugs a problem?

February 7: How do we support people who use drugs & community?

February 21: What happens next?

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