Substance Use Patterns and Safer Supply Preferences Among People Who Use Drugs in British Columbia

This Research Spotlight webinar presented findings from the Patterns and Preferences Study team.

Presenters talked about quantitative and qualitative findings from a provincial needs assessment led by the BC Centre for Disease Control, in collaboration with a peer advisory and peer researchers. This needs assessment aimed to identify the safer supply preferences and needs of people who use illegal drugs in British Columbia to center PWUD in the design and delivery of safer supply policies and programs.

The main focus was on the substances and modes of use PWUD shared that they would need in order to make safer supply accessible and reduce their reliance on the illegal, contaminated drug supply.

A question and answer period followed the presentation.

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Dr. Jane Buxton
Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia
Patterns & Preferences Study Principal Investigator, BC Centre for Disease Control

Jessica Xavier
Qualitative Research Lead, University of British Columbia
Patterns & Preferences Study Research Lead, BC Centre for Disease Control

Phoenix Beck McGreevy
Peer Research Associate, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research
Community Research Associate, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
Patterns & Preferences Study Research Associate, BC Centre for Disease Control

Jenny McDougall
Co-Founder and Office Coordinator, Coalition of Substance Users of the North
Patterns & Preferences Study Research Assistant, Professionals for the Ethical Engagement of Peers, BC Centre for Disease Control