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We conducted a scoping review of literature describing client outcomes from formal opioid supply programs providing prescriptions for pharmaceutical opioids, and the perceptions of involved clients

Scoping review | 2024
Safer supply, Evidence base
Infographique | 2022
la réduction des méfaits, à propos des personnes qui utilisent des drogues
Infographic | 2022
Harm reduction, About PWUD
Politique | 2024
la politique / le cadre de réglementation

Some studies measure public stigma by assessing stigma perceived by those who use drugs, while others investigate attitudes towards them among the general public.

Original research | 2024
About PWUD, Stigma

To investigate the individual characteristics, causes and circumstances around deaths in stimulant use, and to examine how individuals who died with stimulants in their body differ from individuals

Original research | 2024
About PWUD, Mortality, Stimulants

In this article we contribute to the literature that links homelessness, the most extreme form of housing disruption, to accidental SUD-related poisonings.

Original research | 2024
Housing, Mortality, About PWUD

This study sought to explore potential patterns of polysubstance use as an interplay between substance use, substance use setting, and a number of potentially distal outcomes.

Original research | 2024
Youth, About PWUD

To assess the successes and impacts of a grant-funded project to increase access to safer drug consumption supplies and overdose prevention education for PWUD, including justice-involved participan

Original research | 2024
Legal system/law enforcement, About PWUD, Policy/Regulatory

To identify individual and site-related factors associated with frequent emergency department (ED) buprenorphine/naloxone (BUP) initiation.

Original research | 2024
Hospitals, About prescribers, Substitution/OAT, Hesitancy of prescribers

Persons with chronic pain and women tend to enter treatment for opioid use disorder with greater opioid withdrawal severity than persons without chronic pain and men, respectively.

Original research | 2024
Withdrawal, Chronic pain, Sex/Gender

This study examines associations between social determinants of health (SDoH) and medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) retention among patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) in rural primary

Original research | 2024
Substitution/OAT, Rural/remote, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers
Guide or handbook | 2024
Clinical guidance, Illegal drugs

To explore consumer and pharmacist experiences of OAT services, identifying the social and structural elements that enhance or impair treatment and professional satisfaction and analyzing how these

Original research | 2024
About pharmacists, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers

This study aimed to synthetize the evidence on the effectiveness of harm minimization interventions on reducing blood-borne infection transmission and injecting behaviors among people who inject dr

Lit review | 2024
Injecting drugs, Harm reduction, About PWUD

The aim of this study was to examine the facilitators and barriers to the adoption of Mobile Overdose Response Services (MORS) in Canada.

Original research | 2024
SCS/OPS, Barriers and enablers

We aimed to characterise overdose mortality in Toronto, ON, Canada, and to establish the spatial association between supervised consumption services (SCS) locations and overdose mortality events.

Original research | 2024
Overdose, Mortality, SCS/OPS, Evidence base

Purpose: To provide information on implementation of the provincial Prescribed Safer Supply (PSS) policy, and recommendations to improve benefits and minimize harms.

Report | 2024
Safer supply, Policy/Regulatory, Evidence base
Report | 2024
Decriminalization/legalization, Policy/Regulatory, Illegal drugs, Legal system/law enforcement

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